Alexander Hübner, Andreas Fügener, Fabian Lorson | 20.06.2022

Our latest research on human interactions with automated and robotized systems was published in the Journal IISE Transactions (VHB-Journal rating: A) and is available at

Over decades, warehouse operations have traditionally relied on manual processes, due to human operators being more efficient in many aspects such as handling and picking a large variety of products. Enabled by advances in Internet of Things devices and artificial intelligence coupled with the advent of new system providers and more cost-efficient solutions, warehousing has been revolutionized during the last decade: Human operators have found themselves next to new robotized and automated teammates.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Hübner, Prof. Dr. Andreas Fügener and Fabian Lorson analyze the behavioral implications of the resulting human-machine interactions. They develop a comprehensive research agenda, overarching theoretical foundations and unifying themes.

Fabian Lorson, Andreas Fügener & Alexander Hübner (2022) New team mates in the warehouse: Human interactions with automated and robotized systems, IISE Transactions, DOI: 10.1080/24725854.2022.2072545