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Bachelor and Master thesis

In this section, you find potential topics for a bachelor and master thesis based on the research topics, we are working on at the Chair for Supply and Value Chain Management. We encourage students to write their thesis in English language. Research journals are majorly published in English and companies today expect their employees to speak English fluently.

Currently tendered topics by the chair

Here, you find specific topics tendered by the chair at the moment. If you are interested, please use the “Apply now” button above.

Bachelor thesis

  • Currently no tendered topics, please reach out via the “Apply now” button with your own research suggestion

Master thesis

  • We offer two Master theses in the research area “Food Waste in Retail”

    The grocery sector is confronted with various challenges leading to food waste generation. This includes, for instance, difficulties in forecasting, ordering processes, and inventory management, as well as the pressure of having a wide assortment and high availability over the day. Within the Masters’ thesis, current methods will be analyzed to identify implicit restrictions and dependencies in in-store logistics and operations. Based on this, optimization approaches and useful enhancements for operational planning models are derived.
    More details and a precise delimitation of the subject will be discussed with the supervisor in advance.

    : possible at any time

    • Development of an interview guide based on current literature (in coordination with the supervisor)
    • Finding and contacting suitable interviewees (i.e. store managers, retail experts)
    • Conducting the interviews and analyzing of the gathered information via qualitative content analysis.
    • Derivation of improvements for operational store processes

    Please note: Fluent German is necessary, as the interviews are usually held in German.
    In case of any questions please contact

Inspiration for own topic suggestion
The following topics give an overview about our current research focus. A Bachelor and Master thesis can be written within any of these topics. If no specific thesis topic is available at the moment, you can still reach out to us via the “Apply now” button above and bring forward own suggestions and ideas for a thesis within our research topics.

Food retail
Retail Logistics

  • Last mile logistics in omnichannel retail
  • Multi depot online order fulfillment

Assortment Planning

  • Optimizing assortments for omni-channel retailers and packaging-free food stores
  • Planning problems in omnichannel distribution

Waste management

  • Planning approaches to prevent food waste before it actually emerges
  • Inventory management and assortment strategies in food retail market and their effects on the amount of food waste

Last mile delivery

  • Last mile delivery routing
  • Vehicle assignment with machine learning methods

Hospital operations

Warehouse automation

  • Automated and robotized warehousing systems
  • Behavioral issues and human factors in supply chain management – transportation and warehousing


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