Alexander Hübner, Fabian Schäfer, Jonas Hense | 12.09.2022

We are happy to announce that our latest research on omni-channel retail operations “An analytical assessment of demand effects in omni-channel assortment planning” was accepted for publication in Omega and is available as pre-proof at

Dr. Fabian Schäfer, Dr. Jonas Hense, and Prof. Dr. Alexander Hübner show the impact of relevant customer demand effects within channels (i.e. space-elastic, shelf-segment, position, and in-channel substitution demand) and across channels (i.e. cross-channel substitution demand) on optimal assortments and profit for omni-channel retailers.The results show that demand effects within channels cause larger changes in assortment structures and profits, compared to the inferior impact of cross-channel demand effects. We, therefore, discourage extensive empirical testing of cross-channel demand effects in generalized settings.