Prof. Alexander Hübner | 16.01.2024

Prof. Dr. Alexander Hübner and Prof. Dr. Clemens Thielen hand the GOR Bachelor Thesis Prize to Julius Krug

As part of his bachelor thesis at the chair of Supply and Value Chain Management entitled “The Green Vehicle Routing Problem – An Implementation of Two Solution Approaches,” Julius solved the mathematical model from the paper of the same name by the authors Sevgi Erdoğan and Elise Miller-Hooks with the help of the solver Gurobi in Python. Furthermore, he implemented a heuristic solution approach for the complex optimization problem at hand. With the help of his implementation, Julius was able to independently verify the results of the paper. He documented his approach in detail on a total of 75 pages and fully met the scientific requirements of the thesis. For his exceptional work, Julius received the GOR Bachelor Thesis Price. Congratulations!