Prof. Alexander Hübner | 01.12.2023

Participants of the LIDL excursion

This week, a cohort of our Master students visited the Lidl warehouse in Straubing, a hub managing logistics for 81 stores and offering nearly the complete range of products. The visit gave us detailed insights into the in-  and outbound processes and order picking, providing a firsthand understanding of its operational challenges. Going through the magazines for chilled and frozen products even included an arctic-like feeling of minus 28 degrees. Beyond operational aspects, our visit delved into Lidl’s sustainability initiatives, including an informative presentation on the circular recycling process for plastic bottles.

The scale and efficiency of the warehouse’s daily operations were impressive and illustrated the practical application of the content covered in our lectures.

Our thanks go to the Lidl team for allowing us to see these processes in practice and for the informative tour through the warehouse!