Prof. Alexander Hübner, Chair of Supply and Value Chain Management. (Bild: Heddergott / TUM)

After the remarkable results published in the German business magazine “WirtschaftsWoche” last week, TUM School of Management has again achieved outstanding results, this time in the professors’ ranking. According to the results, TUM School of Management is the strongest German business school in terms of business research.

At the campus in Straubing we are proud that Prof. Dr. Alexander Hübner, Chair of Supply and Value Chain Management, is one of the 100 best business economists in German-speaking countries. The exclusive economists’ ranking of “WirtschaftsWoche” provides answers to the question who is the best and at the same time shows the change in content and methodology of business administration.

Successful “Management and Technology” profile

The research of Alexander Hübner focuses on the interfaces between Operations, Engineering, Mathematics and Informatics. In this way, the research at the chair of Supply and Value Chain Management contributes to better and more sustainable solutions to the planning and execution of production, transport and operations systems. The research and its applications deal with conceptual structures of supply chain models (e.g., sourcing), fundamental aspects of operations management (e.g., waste and losses in supply chains), and transport logistics (e.g., vehicle routing). The objective is to build an understanding of how to manage and improve the sustainable performance of supply chains via better decision making and coordination. The growing amount of data that organizations collect, advances in computing power as well as progress in the development of analytical methods all provide new opportunities to improve supply chain management. It has become clear that new decision support systems, applications, and techniques are required to ensure efficient and accurate operations. This calls for new forms of interdisciplinary collaboration to exploit the full potential between disciplines such as Computer Science, Management and Engineering.